Trail Ridge Subdivision was developed by David Spurlock and Spurlock Properties LLC beginning in 2003.   The original plat was completed in July 2003 and it indicates that the subdivision consists of 64 lots covering a total of 201.48 acres with 13.81 acres of open space (Lot 47).  The Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restriction (DCCRs) and ByLaws for the subdivision were formally recorded in Lincoln County in October of 2003. In July 2004, a portion of the plat was revised (plat filing 2) that modified the path of Shiras Road and impacted the boundaries of adjacent lots. Lots 4 through 12 became lots 65 through 72.  In April of 2005, a 3rd plat was created and filed. The third plat vacated lots 8, 65 and 66 of plat 2. Lots 65 and 66 became lots 76 and 77. And lot 8 became lots 73 through 75 on Black Bear Lane. Lot 80 on the south east corner of Buffalo Drive and Trail Ridge Road was added to the subdivision as open space giving the subdivision a total of 16.1 acres of open space. Lots 46, 54, and 55 were also vacated in plat 3 to create two larger lots 78 and 79.  Today, Trail Ridge subdivision has a total of 64 private lots and 2 open space lots. The total space of the subdivision is 203.77 acres.
There are currently 5 members on the Board of the Association of the Trail Ridge Subdivision is a corporation with the purpose of maintaining the subdivision infrastructure, assessing and collecting fees and dues for the operations of the subdivision, insuring adherence to the DCCRs and ByLaws by all members of the subdivision, considering variance requests by individual property owners, and to promote the general well being and appearance of the subdivision. The Trail Ridge Subdivision Board consists of 5 members.  Members of the board are elected for term of 3 years. Each member is a volunteer and gives of their time freely to the management of the subdivision.
Wood Meadow II CIA has created this site to provide and store information related to the Wood Meadow II CIA Board  & Architectural Control Committee.  All members of the Board and Architectural Committee are volunteers supporting the Wood Meadow II CIA as outlined in the By-Laws which should have been provided to each homeowner at closing. The content in this site is provided as is and does not replace any actual official documents

The primary activity of the Wood Meadow II CIA Board and Architectural Control Committee (WM2ACC) is to implement the provisions outlined in Declarations and By Laws. In addition the WACC provides oversight to potential violations of other Articles of the Declaration, such as failure to maintain the exterior of the house or landscaping. 

Any homeowner who believes there is a violation of one of the provisions of the By-Laws may contact the WM2ACC. The WACC will review the complaint to determine if any action is required and, if appropriate, the WM2ACC will contact the homeowner in writing to inform them of the violation. The initial letter will request a response within (30) days. If no response is received within (30) days, the WM2ACC will send a second letter advising action on their part is required immediately. After reviewing any responses from the homeowner, or the lack thereof, the WM2ACC will then forward the information to the Board for appropriate follow-up.